good-place is an IT company that has an office in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

Business contents of good-place

The contents of good-place’s business range from official content business, consulting business, smartphone application business, social game business, development consignment, operation consignment business and so on.

History of good-place

It is the beginning of the company that established Good Agency Limited Company in February 2004.
After that, we released a beauty portal site, and in April 2005 we will release a school information site for qualification acquisition and career upgrading, comparison comparison site for moving estimation, comparison site for cashing and card loans.

In August 2005, we changed the structure to Good Agency Co., Ltd. and the capital will be increased to 10 million yen.

In February 2006 we changed the company name to Good Place Co., Ltd. and the capital will be increased to 1500 yen.
We released mobile sweepstakes website in June of the same year and we will release the portal site in August.

In May 2007 the capital was increased to 25 million, and in July the same year, we will renew the comparison category of marriage consultation center in Portal Navi.
In the following month we will release the ringtone entertainment site and we will also release a beta version of the comprehensive comparison category of portal navigation.

In January 2008, we started the industry’s first sales-type SEO service, and in February we will start talking about Ad Network ad clicks.
In October we release sales share type, link offer type, ranking success fee type package, and in December we will get P mark *.

※ P mark is a privacy mark and is a registered trademark that JIPDEC licenses to businesses that meet certain requirements.

In April 2012, we release popular social game group with platform GREE and get popular.
In February of the following year, we will release popular social games for mobile terminals on platform Mobage.

In May 2013, we will start system engineering service, and in December we will gather attention by acquiring official website from Adventure Co., ltd.

In January 2016 i comic of comic site was released and in September 2017 comic app manga maniacs was released.
Manga maniacs is an application of unlimited reading of popular manga works, and you can read thousands of volumes at any time, free of charge.
Manga which is popular can also be read for free.

In manga maniacs, rare manga has also been released, and it is reputable to meet hidden masterpieces.

About i Comi

i Comic is a comic book store with many comics, from major works to original works.
There is a merit that bonus points are attached to the monthly course.
Membership registration is required to use i Comic.

When you register as a member, you can receive points according to the course.
After membership registration, look for comics.
Since the work is updated from time to time, you can choose your favorite comic among a wide range of lineups.

If you find a comic you want to read, purchase comics using the points you own.
If points are missing, you can add points.

For payment of i-com, you can use carrier billing on mobile phones.
It is possible to pay along with monthly charges of mobile phones.
You can also pay by credit card.

Characteristics of business

If you want to know about the game application business, the application list is posted on the homepage.
If you check the reputation of Good Place on the net, there are a lot of people surprised by the number of game applications.

It is a company with a strong impression of game applications, but we are also putting emphasis on comic business.
There are also works of major publishers as well as their own comics.

You can fly from the homepage to the page of comic application or comic site.
The content of the digital content business ranges from music to stamps.

Good place’s consulting business covers from service development to server maintenance.
Proposing the optimum method according to the characteristics of the platform, you can reduce the cost and delivery time by utilizing the original basic engine.

Since there is a total technology that can design all and multicontrol everything, it can support firmly.

It can support and develop with superior technology that can correspond to smartphone and multiple platforms.

Company Profile

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Company nameGood place Inc.
Shibuya Mark City West 22nd Floor 1-12-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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